How normal is rabies in a child?

Anger or anger in a child is very common. The word normal, often refers us to a value judgment, or to a stigmatization of those who do not fall into the category of “normal”, that is why we prefer to use the common or frequent word. Children often express their desires through “tantrums” or “tantrums” as a way to “get away with it.” We see many parents frustrated in a restaurant or supermarket because the child is thrown on the floor, crying uncontrollably, or screaming uncontrollably. It is important for parents to develop good skills in containing and communicating with children before reaching extreme reactions. Many times parents try to set limits in public places and at that time children can be so stimulated by the things they see that it will not work, even if we try to speak or listen carefully. It is important to set limits at home so that the child knows that tantrums will not work no matter how loud they scream. Learning to accept a parent’s no is important because it helps children develop tolerance for frustration and not become as anxious when things don’t go as they wanted. Mediating gratification through thinking and waiting is very healthy and helps children develop waiting capacity and emotional self-regulation.

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